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Frequently Asked Questions

Our business model, explained simply and transparently

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Tradesman is an Irish-based service that is changing how tradesmen and homeowners find each other and get jobs done together.

What does this mean? We provide homeowners with a qualified tradesman who is capable of doing high quality work for your everyday household maintenance and home upgrades. All in an easy, reliable and safe process.

We strive to have a wealth of quality tradesmen that can be hired for small jobs and large projects alike, each tradesman profile including years of experience, qualifications, work samples, ratings and reviews from jobs previously done. We also want to give tradesmen as many jobs as they can take, so that - without any hassle - they can do honest work for honest pay.

Tradesman: Benefits for the Homeowner

  • Convenience: All we need is your job details and photos, and we will send your job to tradesmen in your area that will quote you. You can receive up to 3 quotes for free.
  • Reviews: You can check the profile of every tradesman that quotes you. Tradesmen can be rated through a 5-star rating system and can be given written reviews, so make sure to check those out! If a tradesman hasn’t been reviewed, you can still make an informed decision based on their listed qualifications, work samples, experience and the professionalism of their quote.
  • Selection: In every major area of Ireland we have over 500+ local tradesmen (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, plasterers, painters and tradesmen in many other trades). Even more remote areas are fully covered by local tradesmen, so do not hesitate to use our service regardless of where you are!
  • Safe and Worry-Free: Although rare, misunderstandings can happen. If you want to cancel your job before your tradesman has done any significant amount of work, you are free to do so and we’ll gladly refund your deposit.

Tradesman: Benefits for the Tradesman

  • Work Available: There is always work to be done in your area, and homeowners need you to do it. There is lots of work available here for every qualified tradesman.
  • Easier Quote: For every job that homeowners send us, we request an estimated budget, a detailed description of the job and photos of the area that needs work. If you need extra photos or have any questions, you can request them directly from the homeowner through the job’s Questions & Answers system.
  • A True 100% Free Experience: You can submit your quotes on as many jobs as you like, absolutely free of charge. We also don’t charge you for viewing the homeowner’s contact details, like many other services unfortunately do. Every aspect of our concept is entirely free for tradesmen and you will not be expected to pay anything at any point.
  • Perfect for the Freelance Tradesman: Some tradesmen use our service as their main source of jobs, others are already employed and want to make some money on the side. No matter in which situation you are, if you are a qualified tradesman you are welcome sign up.

Online Tradesmen Ireland: Finding and Providing Trade Work

We have been working in the trades industry for years. We’ve had no shortage of work for years, even in the worst of the recession times we were still busy with work. We have all the necessary experience in sourcing jobs and getting home and commercial projects done.

At times, the workload was more than our small team could handle and we found ourselves facing an unexpected problem: having too many jobs to do and too little time.

That’s when we came up with the idea for a service that pairs homeowners with online tradesmen Ireland. Launching Tradesman allowed us to use our ability to source work and distribute the jobs we weren’t able to do out to other qualified tradesmen.

As a Dublin-based team, we were only able to serve the Dublin area; but now we have tradesmen all over the country ready to take your job to completion in a cost-effective and timely manner.

The Average Irish Homeowner...

...needs a tradesman once or twice a year. When was the last time you had to look for a plumber, carpenter or someone else to get something done in your house?

Finding a tradesman tends to be a more stressful and time-consuming process than it needs to be. Furthermore, receiving and comparing multiple quotes is simply not possible when you need a job done fast.

Using our platform to find online tradesmen Ireland you can speed things up a lot. Submitting your job is fast, receiving and comparing quotes is easier than ever, and booking your chosen tradesman and paying the deposit are safe and covered by our satisfaction-guarantee.

Send us your job and book the right person for the job today!

Online Tradesmen Ireland

We supply qualified specialists for jobs across the nation. We are completely focused on servicing the Irish market. This means it doesn’t matter if you’re in the middle of Dublin, or out in the country - we can get a tradesman to you easily.

  • Carpenters: Skilled woodworkers for jobs that involve any furniture or wooden flooring. Everything from having doors replaced, installing & fitting cabinetry or wooden alcoves, installing a wooden floor, etc.
  • Plumbers: Emergency struck? Plumbers can provide any water maintenance services, such as fixing broken pipes and are the go-to tradesmen for any heating problem.
  • Electricians: If you have issues with your appliances not receiving enough power, having fuses blow, a CAT5 installation, partial or complete house rewiring and more.
  • Painters: Any painting or spray-painting services can be provided - either for your rooms or old furniture pieces.
  • Plasterers: Wall plastering, dry dashing, or more complicated stonemason work can be booked in a couple of minutes in Dublin, Cork, Galway and everywhere else in Ireland.
  • Tilers: The right workers to fit your bathroom or kitchen upgrades, crucial for any home renovation project.
  • And many more! Start filling our your job details and you will be able to choose from a multitude of trades and services.